Empyrean Yorkie Guarantee

Our puppies are all registered with AKC, and de-wormed twice. Validation of this guarantee requires examination of your puppy by the vet of your choice and at the purchaser’s expense within 5 business days of the delivery date. This veterinary examination is mandatory to confirm that your puppy was not sick or injured at the time of delivery.  A fresh Fecal sample should be collected and brought in with the puppies initial vet visit.

This puppy is being sold with a SPAY contract.  She must be SPAYED by 14 months of age.  Proof of SPAY will be sent directly to Dawn Drake.  If SPAY is not complete within this time frame and/or is sold, bred, or rehomed this will be considered breach of Contract and up to 2,000 dollars can be sought by breeder for Breach of Contract.

This Portion of the Contract, Does Not Apply to Male Puppies.

Male puppy: neutered at Bedford Animal Hospital _____________________________ by Dr. Kim Brown

Puppy can receive Rabies Vaccines per State Law, but NO vaccines are to be given within 10 days of arriving to Her new home.

The Leptospirosis and Coronavirus are not recommended for Yorkshire Terriers by the Breeder.

The breeder guarantees the puppy until 1 year of age against all life threatening hereditary defects. This includes Leg Calf Perthes, and Livery Shunt. If the puppy has a life threatening hereditary defect, it will be replaced with the first available puppy of the same value from the breeders stock, as soon as possible.  In the case of Liver Shunt or Leg Calf Perthes, the owner can choose to treat the puppy and breeder will refund up to the purchase price of the puppy, with no further obligations.  If puppy is diagnosed with a terminal illness, all vet records must be released to breeder and her Vet of choice. Once breeder has researched there is nothing more that can be done, a puppy replacement will be sent when owner is ready for a new puppy, and original puppy can be kept by owner or returned to breeder, owner’s decision.    In such cases buyer can return puppy for replacement puppy or cash refund. The breeder must have access to all vet records and the original puppy for this decision.  The puppy cannot be euthanized.  The purchaser is responsible for any shipping fees for the replacement puppy. In the event of death, an autopsy must be performed, (at owners expense), In the event, that it is ruled congenital hereditary defect and then seller will pay up to 300 dollars for the autopsy only, by a University Hospital veterinarian to determine the exact cause of death.  Breeder will not be responsible for any other vet expenses. The report from the autopsy must be sent to my attending veterinarian for review.

The breeder does not condone the use of a trachea tube on a puppy for the purpose of spay/neuter or dental, before one year of age.  If the puppy is trachea tubed before one year of age, then the new owner has been informed of possible side effects including collapsing trachea.

Empyrean Yorkies Strives Very hard to Breed Top Quality Yorkshire Terriers.  Due to the frequency of Luxating Patellas in Yorkshire Terriers We Do not Guarantee against Luxating Patellas.

The puppy cannot be sold or given away to a third party without the permission of the breeder.   If permission is not granted by the breeder the puppy MUST be returned to the breeder.  The breeder will not be obligated to refund any amount of purchase price.

If puppy is re homed or sold or given away without breeders permission, then breeder can file suit for up to 2,000 dollars for breach of contract, and for any expenses related to retrieving said puppy.

The breeder is not responsible for any veterinarian bill the purchaser may incur regarding said puppy.

The breeder does not guarantee size or color.
Only replacements will be made, NO CASH REFUNDS, but is subject to Breeders discretion.

This guarantee does not cover: Hypoglycemia, internal or external parasites including; coccidiosis & Giardia.

This contract contains the entire agreement between the parties and no statement, promises, or inducements made by either party that is not contained in the written contract shall be valid or binding. This contract may not be modified or altered except in writing signed by both parties and endorsed herein. By purchasing your puppy(s) you the buyer agree that you have read, understand, and accept the terms of this contract.

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