Yorkshire Terrier Pricing

Puppy Prices

  • Companions / Pets – Starting From $1800.00
  • Show / Breeding – Prices Vary Per Puppy. Contact us for more information.
  • If you are wanting a breeding dog for show, you must include your veterinarian as a reference, web site, phone number, address, and 2 additional references before you will even be considered.
  • Please read “Our Guarantee” prior to your purchase.
  • 7% sales tax will be added to all sales In or Out of State.

Stud Service With Champion Studs

  • Prices Vary Per Dog. Contact us for more information.

Empyrean Yorkie’s will not sell any breeding dogs to breeders if their only intention is to breed.

All other dogs are sold on spay/neuter contracts, and you will not receive the AKC papers until after Empyrean Yorkie’s receives a vet statement confirming the dog has been fixed.


Due to a high demand for our puppies, we now require a $500 deposit in order to reserve a dog in an upcoming litter. If for any reason you are not able to accept a dog once one is available the deposit is non-refundable.

Stud Service:

To maintain the integrity of purebred Yorkshire Terriers, we reserve the right to determine whether or not an animal is suitable to breed with one of our studs.

Stud Fee or pick or second pick of the litter is negotiated before mating then I must receive digital photos and choose my puppy which will be micro-chipped before AKC paperwork is filed.

Contact us for additional questions and information.

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