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Yorkie History

The Yorkshire Terrier traces to the Waterside Terrier, a small longish-coated dog, bluish-gray in color, weighing between 6 and 20 pounds (most commonly 10 pounds). The Waterside Terrier was … Continue Reading ››

General Information

Yorkshire Terrier General Information
  • Name: Yorkshire Terrier
  • Height: 6-9 inches
  • Weight: 3-7 pounds
  • Color: Dark steel blue from back of head to root of their tail. Face, chest and feet … Continue Reading ››

Yorkie Facts

Did you know . . . The Yorkie became a fashionable pet in the late Victorian era and before. In its beginnings, the Yorkie surprisingly belonged to the working class, especially the … Continue Reading ››


The info on this page is Copyright of Dogs Naturally Magazine, reproduced with permission; Any vaccine given to any dog at any point in his life has … Continue Reading ››

Yorkie Medical Info

Yorkshire Terrier Medical Information Things you should know. We've provided Medical information to assist you in learning more about medical conditions and Yorkshire Terriers. Please Keep In Mind The information … Continue Reading ››